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How to write a blog to rank high on Google?

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Gurpreet Singh Dhoat|23 May, 2024

Creating compelling and useful content isn’t just the best SEO strategy—it’s the core of it. High-quality content achieves more than just good rankings; it establishes your website as an authoritative source and builds trust with your audience. Remember, while SEO tactics can bring visitors to your site, excellent content is what keeps them there and encourages return visits.

First rule of SEO is to create good content

How to Come Up with Blog Ideas?

I like to use my blog to share unique insights and approaches with my readers. Here’s how I think of new topics:

1. Draw from Your Daily Work

Most of the topics I write about are inspired by the everyday challenges my clients face or the questions they frequently ask me. Even though there are many articles out there on these subjects, I personalise the content to fit the specific needs of my clients. This makes the information more relevant and easier for them to understand.

One does not simply wal through a workday without finding blog inspiration

2. Questions to Spark Ideas

If you’re looking for topics, consider these questions:

  1. What task was I really excited about completing? Why did it feel important?
  2. What challenge did I face recently? How did I overcome it?
  3. What have I done that others might find interesting?
  4. What did I learn today that could benefit someone else?

3. Build on What You’ve Already Written

You can expand on topics you’ve already covered. For example, I wrote a blog called “3 Ways to Show Your Business in Google Search Results,” and I took one of those points about ranking high in Google search results to write this blog.

4. Check Out the Competition

Look at what topics your competitors are writing about. You can make a list of these topics and see if they’ve missed anything that your audience would find useful. You can also approach a common topic from a new angle or improve on their content with your own expertise.

me scanning the competition's latest blogs

Why You Should Write Your Own Blogs?

Direct involvement in content creation adds authenticity. While hiring freelancers or an agency can help in refining your ideas, the initial input should come from you—the business owner. You understand the nuances of your business best and can provide genuine insights that resonate more deeply with your clients.

Here are a few reasons to keep content creation in-house, at least initially:

  • Authenticity: Your firsthand experience offers a genuine perspective that external writers might miss.
  • Expertise: You bring a level of expertise and insight that is hard to replicate. This depth of knowledge can significantly enhance the quality and authority of your content.
  • Engagement: Writing about your own experiences and lessons can encourage more meaningful interactions with your readers. It invites them to share their thoughts, further enriching the conversation.

Enhancing Your Blog with SEO and Visuals

Incorporating targeted SEO practices is crucial. Use keywords naturally, focus on creating engaging headings and subheadings, and don’t forget the power of multimedia. Adding relevant images, infographics, and even short videos can make your blog more appealing and digestible.

By following these guidelines, you’ll create content that not only ranks well but also genuinely engages and retains your audience.

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