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Websites Won’t Help: Boost Your Sales with a Marketing Funnel

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Gurpreet Singh Dhoat|19 Jun, 2024

I am a web developer. I help my clients by developing fast and beautiful websites. But Just having a website won’t help you get more sales. You need a marketing funnel.

What is a Marketing Funnel and Why Do We Need It?

People don’t usually wake up in the morning and decides, “I am going to buy something today”. Instead, they go through a process that includes research and evaluation before buying a product or service.

A marketing funnel is a way of breaking down the customer journey all the way from the ‘‘awareness’’ stage to the ‘‘purchase’’ point. But we also include Retention and Loyalty. These two are important if you want to grow as a brand and get more sales from existing customer. So your goal as a business is to understand your potential customers and create content to help them move along this Journey while positioning your self as an authority in your space.

And lots of business I see now a days are focusing only on conversions and leaving out other 4 stages. Conversion are important for businesses but the problem is that to have those conversions you have to pay Google or social media. and if you stop paying, your sales drop.

So what is the solution?

Solution is to have a marketing strategy that also focus on other 4 stages and they can be little cheaper in a long run.

So lets cover all of these stages in details. Lets assume your are selling supplements. And this is how you can implement systems in place for each stage.

The Five Stages of the Marketing Funnel

Stage 1 – Awareness

Imagine someone who just started working out but isn’t seeing any gain in muscle mass. He begin to search online to understand why. He might be searching “Why I am not gaining muscle mass”?

You can write a content or create a video that explains why he is not getting results. Here, you are not selling anything yet. You are just explaining a common issues and mentioning how supplement might be part of the solution.

This helps you connect with people who are just starting to realize they might need a supplement, and it sets you up as a helpful expert right form the start.

Tools: Blogs, YouTube Videos or Social Media Posts.

Stage 2 – Consideration

Now, the people know they need help to increase their muscle mass. They start comparing different supplements, looking at benefits and reading reviews.

Your content here could be a comparison video or article like “Top 5 Supplements for Boosting Muscle Mass.” This helps them see why your supplement stands out in terms of benefits and value.

At this stage, you’re helping the viewer make an informed decision by providing useful information on various options, including yours.

Tools: youtube Comparison Videos, Detailed Product Reviews or Influencer Partnerships

Stage 3 – Conversions

At this stage, people are ready to buy a supplement but wants to make sure they choose the right one. They might look for the best deals, or maybe even search for final reviews to confirm their choice.

You could offer a video or article with a strong call to action, like “Why Choose Our Supplement for Muscle Mass?”. Highlight unique benefits, show customer testimonials, and perhaps offer a first-time buyer discount.

This helps you provide that final push they need to decide on your product, using reassurance and incentives to convert their interest into a purchase.

Tools: Shopping Ads, Targeted email marketing or Retargeting ads.

Stage 4 – Loyalty

Once customers buy your supplement, the next goal is to keep them coming back. You want to ensure they are satisfied and see the benefits of their purchase.

You could create follow-up emails or videos that offer tips on how to best use the supplements, share workout plans that complement their use, or a loyalty program. Additionally, asking for their feedback and offering exclusive deals can make them feel valued and more likely to stick with your brand.

This stage focuses on maintaining a good relationship with your customers, ensuring they remain happy and continue to choose your products.

Tools: Email Newsletters, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Personalised Follow-up Communication, Loyalty Programs or Exclusive Member Offers.

Stage 5 – Advocacy

The ultimate goal is to transform loyal customers into advocates who actively promote your supplements to others. Encourage this by recognising and rewarding customers who refer friends or share their positive experiences online. Create engaging content that they can easily share on social media, and consider offering incentives for testimonials or reviews that help spread the word about your brand.

Tools: Referral Incentives, Social Media Engagement, Customer Review Platforms or Influencer Collaborations.


To wrap up, a successful marketing funnel isn’t just about making a sale. It’s about creating a customer journey that nurtures potential customers from the moment they first hear about your product to the point where they not only purchase but also become loyal advocates for your brand.

By investing in each part of the funnel, you’re not just selling a product—you’re building a community around your brand, which is the key to long-term success. If you need any help with marketing strategy or setting up systems, feel free to get in touch.

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