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Own Masala is a convenient and great place for Indian cuisine in Tauranga. Own Masala has already made its mark in the local community. Their team of chefs with more than 23 years of experience prepares the dishes passionately. The authentic Indian ingredients and spices used to garnish their food preparation plays a crucial role in the popularity of Indian cuisine.

The Problem

OwnMasala was facing several challenges that were impacting their business. The website was not mobile-responsive, leading to a poor user experience for customers accessing the site on their smartphones. Additionally, customers were often confused about the daily lunch specials, and the staff was spending a significant amount of time taking phone orders in the evening. Finally, the restaurant’s photos were of low-resolution quality, making it difficult to showcase the food and atmosphere to potential customers.

The Solution

Our design agency was brought in to address these challenges and help OwnMasala streamline their operations. To achieve this, we implemented the following solutions:

  • Responsive Website: To tackle the first issue, we completely redesigned the website to make it mobile-responsive, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for customers accessing the site on any device.
  • Listed all the Lunch Specials on the Website: To reduce customer confusion, we developed a clear and concise lunch special section that prominently displayed the daily lunch specials, making it easier for customers to understand what was being offered.
  • Integrated Online Ordering System: To save staff time, we integrated an online ordering system into the website, allowing customers to place orders directly from their smartphones. This freed up time for the staff to take care of other responsibilities.
  • High-Resolution Photos: Our team went to the restaurant and took high-resolution photos of the food, atmosphere, and decor. We used these photos to create an eye-catching and engaging photo gallery on the website, showcasing the restaurant in its best light.


This project demonstrates our ability to address complex challenges and provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. By working closely with OwnMasala, we were able to streamline their operations, improve the customer experience, and elevate their online presence.

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